The Way of El Cid. Hiking and Cycling in Spain

The Way of El Cid -El Camino del Cid- is a tourist and cultural trail that crosses Spain from the North-west to the South-east, retracing the footsteps of the legendary Cid Campeador (?the Champion?), a famous medieval knight who lived in Spain in the 11th century.

The Way of El Cid can be followed either by road or paths. Following this way is an immensely relaxing, gratifying and enriching experience. The stretches that make up the Way of El Cid take travellers through territories where they will have the chance to enjoy direct, first-hand contact with a vast natural and historical heritage.

The Way of El Cid includes trails that are ideal for cycle tourism and hiking, set against delightful countryside landscapes in total contact with nature.

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